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Monday, 9 February 2009

* Plaids slingy sweetie*

I always admired and thought that this lil plaids bags from Polo Ralph Lauren vintage editions were utterly cute...

I did especially had a thing for the green plaids design as above.
So I found a design which is truly inspired by it and I think our version is even cuter as it may look small in size but it can hold a lot in there.
I tried my bulky wallet, a camera, 2 mobile phones, a tube of handcream, liploss and face refreshener spray (and yes there was still space inside)

looks small on the outside, but fits a nation in it :P

so adorable

easily unbuttoned as its magnetic
do not need to spend hours opening up the claps

just one pop and its off
when secured, its tightly held on

the back view of it, for mobile phones and anything for quick access

another color
readjustable to be shoulder bag too..very versatile

this color quite sweet too

close up :)
Item Name: Plaids Slingy Sweetie
Color: Green/Beige
Code: C002
Price: RM 49
Status: Beige one left
On sale at RM 39 - LAST PIECE

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