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Saturday, 7 February 2009

* Gladiator's Empire*

Remember all the hype last year on the gladiators heels & flats etc?

I still think the hype has not died off as the shoes have proven to make its stay around.

Some cool glads I found online:

the many types of glads

endless styles and colors

wow...i would dream to have all 6 pleaseeeee

how the 'stars' carry theirs off...
very practical footwear without your bf or mom bugging you of the dangers of back pain inflicted by the skyscaper heels that is surgically attached to your feet.

Funkshop55's tearful reunion when she saw these babies on display at the stockists...

They have a funky element and yet at the same time they really do remind me of what the ancient 'real deal' gladiators wear...

laced up perfectly

side view

simple yet funky


all ready to battle the stores!
Item Name: Gladiator's Empire
Color: Brown
Code: F004
35 (Vincci size 4)- SOLD
36 (Vincci size 5) - SOLD
37 (Vincci size 6)- SOLD
38 (Vincci size 7) - SOLD
39 (Vincci size 8) - SOLD
40 (Vincci size 9) - AVAILABLE LAST PIECE AT RM35

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