Blowing hugs & kisses your way

Hello ladies! It's been awhile since we last restock and here we go we have new stock on hand.

Worries no more! We've new stock on hand with limited stock for each of the design we have here. Grab it quick while stock last!

Love much,



Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy "NIU" Year to all my funkshop55 funky shoppers.

Apologies for the lack of updates as owner have yet to go source for those happy funky goodies for your viewing pleasure :) due to the CNY break.

For now, do enjoy 20% off all the old stock as this applies to ONLINE purchase only. PROMO PERIOD ENDS 28th Feb 2009. *not applicable for restocked items

Oh yes, another great good news, Funkshop55 will be at bijou bazaar at SOHO Solaris Mont Kiara on the 18th Feb 2008, Sunday.

Come check us out !

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Funkshop55 at Pick & Grab 2 :)

Hello my dearest funky shoppers,

Here's some pics of us at Pick & Grab 2, for those who missed it !

Most of our items got sold so we are pending re-stock this coming weekend, hehe.

our collection on showcase
loving the first dressey...

funkshop55's first batch of bags

Racheal (left & right)
we are both called racheals haha...yes exact same spelling..
Racheal K on the LEFT is funkshop55 owner
Racheal T on the RIGHT is funkshop55 lover/loyal customer/ambassador/model

my neighbour next door, we made goodie friends

this girl is cynthia and she is also a blogger and online blog shop owner
she is pretty ya?
she bought one of the funky chained bag

my neighbour aimi :) sweetest girl

So hold your horses, ermmm i mean Hold your COWS folks (year of the cow mah),
Great new stock will be coming your way :)

Meanwhile browse through my old stock and see whether there is anything you like as it will be all 20% off.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hello funkshop55 chickas and darlings, girls and boys..(err maybe not boys la)..haha

Please do be informed that funkshop55 has decided to make its humble appearance at Pick & Grab Part 2 at Hartamas Square :)

Location: Hartamas Square, Desa Sri Hartamas ( food court)

Date: Jan 17th 2009, Beautiful fashionable Saturday :)

Time: 10am - 5pm

If you love funkshop55, please pleaseeeee *shows big round eyes*, do come around and support us yeah?

Cause we lup you girls veliiiiii muchieeee too :)

See you there!

psssttt: Brand new items will be showcased there LIVE, stuff thats not even posted here yettttt...(dun say we didn't tell you, the stuffs all sooooo adorable)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Unleash the 'animal' in you bay behhhh..where Marty invites you to join his clan :P

Super funky pants in zebra print

(made super fashionable by fashion blogger: vanilla scented)
*pics credit to her too :)

back view close up

black and white 'Marty coloured' pants

featured on jap model too


grey and black - more punkier feel
straight down skinny cut
can wear as 'leggings' style too


two colors
- black & white
- grey & black

close view
Item Name: Animal Instinct
Black & White (ready stock available in M)
Grey & Black (ready stock available in L)
M - Waist size 28 inches
L - Waist size 30 inches
Code: B004
Price: RM 48
Seasons come Seasons go but invest in this cute number and you know its gonna last you all season :)

Charming and good quality lil vesty that comes in the classic black or white with 10 buttons to add a touch of prettiness


buttoned my buttons

back view

from afar


adjustable to wrap the contour of your beautiful body

comes in classic black and white
Item Name: 10 buttons vesty
Color: White & Black
Size: Free size (good fit for up to a UK Size 12)
Code: V002
Price: RM 39

Item Name: Cowboy Coolness
Color: Silver or White
Code: A015
Price: RM 29
Status: White (SOLD)