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Sunday, 1 March 2009

As usual, Funkshop55 loves her customers and also loving days of doing a bit for charity.

Here's some pics of CHIC CHARITY organised by
TIC to help out WAO :)

Special thanks to
Deanna and Joyce for their help and assistance *hugs*

me posey with me store and signage (hehe)

A lil old school blackboard to announce our lil charity thingi

my stuffies

Thats darling Joyce and me - she's a real fashionista (hats off to her)

My baybeh sheryl came to visit with her darling
soooooo sweeeettt of them *touched*

My ex school mate & local celebrity
my pretty Yasmin Hani came support

end of the night pics with rest of vendors

Donation to the WAO with Joyce accepting on behalf and Deanna my dearie assisting :)

Signing off for now and before i go...PSSSSTTTT Keep looking back here
New stock coming in!!!!