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Hello ladies! It's been awhile since we last restock and here we go we have new stock on hand.

Worries no more! We've new stock on hand with limited stock for each of the design we have here. Grab it quick while stock last!

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Blogshop owner will be travelling again soon to source for some yummy goodies back for her beloved blog customers :)

Will be off next week and back early Nov so just in case you guys email me & do not get the speediest reply, fret not cos I will do so as soon as I land back ok?

Talk to you guys soon yeah?


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A sister company of Funkshop55...
Jappuffy Mad House Party
will be at the attic bangsar this coming
Thursday,23rd Oct 08
at the 'Junk in the trunk' event

Time: 7 pm to 11pm (starts about 7.30pm onwards)

Venue: the attic bangsar

Goodies: All great goodies (pre-loved & brand new) under RM50 !! **includes clothes, accesories, bags, shoes etc

Note: If you like to try any of the items from funkshop55, do drop me a mail and meet me there to try!
If you tried and loved it, its yours at 10% off :) but if you tried and do not like it, do not worry bout it !

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The celebs are into it..the high waisted fever

Looks pretty good teamed with casual tops..

Want one for yourself?

Look no further!

Funkshop55 *hearts* this cause the owner is practically living in these..its like her second skin..


close up..
8 buttons...right and left...

closer look at the buttons..

here, they dun look like those dodgy lousy butttons..
these same fabric as the pants

one last look...

Item: High Waisted Fever Shorts
Colors: Black
Code Number: B003
Price: RM46


(M size but actually fits a S)
Waist: 69 cm
Hips: 83 cm
Length: 37 cm
*measured laid flat

(L size but actually fits a M size)
Waist: 71 cm
Hips: 91 cm
Length: 37 cm
*measured laid flat


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ahoy Ahoy...sail away...reminds me of Mr sailor sailor somehow

soft material dress which is fully stretchable which will surely make you feel like sailing away into the sunset

This piece once again make you forget the worries of trying to match your clothes at 8am in the morning, slip on your heels and you're good to go!

Item Name: Sailor Pls Sail me Away
Color: Stripes (Black and White)
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 12 as its pretty much strectable)
Code: D017
Price: RM 45
Status: Reserved for Ms Eva Lam

Monday, 13 October 2008

*claps claps claps*

We are featured on :

yayyy...thank you so much!

Unleash the disco diva in you!

Presenting our exclusive neon blue jumpsuit in satiny material...

Item Name: Disco Diva
Color: Neon Blue
Size: S (Good fit for a UK Size 6 - 10)
Code: J003
Price: RM 38
*waist with elastane material

* super comfy material

Arm Candy

Item: Pretty elastane hand accesory (Arm Candy)
Color: Sea Blue and Black only (1 design)
Code: A007
Price: RM18
Stretchable with elastane - Free size
Light material

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Want to steal this look?

these usually comes in dress type...we call them the pinafore dresses..

which very much remind me of the good ol school days yeah


let me share an interesting item :))

the 'school boy shorts type' pinafore

and you know the best part?

Its totally affordable :)

Item Name: Cute School Boy (short pants)
Color: Black
Size: S (Good fit for a UK Size 6 - 10)
Code: B002
Price: RM 35
Status: SOLD OUT

You think this fella here sleeping all out of her beddy is adorable?

Well, she has competition...TOUGH COMPETITION...

Presenting(ta ta ta tahhhhh)...MICKEY :))

fuhh, cute cute cute...spells cuteness all over...

a lil more magnifying close up...

Item Name: When Mickey meets Bobo (short pants)
Color: Grey
Size: S (Good fit for a UK Size 6 - 10)
Code: J002
Price: RM 45

Notes: very comfy with strectable band at waist and back.

Status: SOLD OUT