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Monday, 23 February 2009

* Lacy Sue *

Lets start with admiring the details of this lovely top

laced up details that spells 'pretty'

from the back, laced details on neckline

flower assembles on your neck line

with cute frills on the hemline..awww

You know the best part? (suspense)

Can wear with huge waist clincher

or sling a low waisted mini belt

The best thing comes in 5 colors..beautiful colors

Already introduced the misty grey above...

elegant black

Adorable pink

pure white

nature green
So tell me, which do you think is the FAIREST of them all?
Item Name: Lacey Sue
Color: Five colors as above
Size: FREE size (fits up to a UK Size 10)
Code: T012
Price: RM 25
1. Belt not included
* Chained Reaction*

super cool with a matching 'chain' to get those 'jealous' reaction from other chicks

very soft and nice leather like material

handles studded for a punk effect

big enough to carry tonnes of stuff

one not to be missed

Item Name: Chained Reaction
Color: Brown
Code: C004
Price: RM 99
Status: SOLD OUT

Friday, 20 February 2009

*Fashion Hunter Dress*

Sienna looks fantastic!
Teaming it with oxfords, oh yeah why not?

Hayden joins the purrring clan

Halle Berry Purrzzzzz - hot hot hot

Join them onto the sexy bandwagon too!

Grab one of yours here !

fabric close up

Item Name: Fashion Hunter Dress
Color: Leopard print
Size: S/M/L
Code: D023
Price: RM 40
Status: Sold Out

Thursday, 19 February 2009

* Precious Hearts *

Something simple, Something loved.

Item Name: Precious Hearts - Bangle
Color: Silver with black gem stone in heart shape
Code: A016
Price: RM 23

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Snap Shots from Valentines Bijou Bazaar @ SOHO Solaris Mt Kiara, 15th Feb 09

As usual, for those who missed out, here are some pics of funkshop55's participation


me - funkshop55's owner

me (left) & one of my besties came to visit
ps: she wearing my nerd specs..haha

the latest shoes on display with my loyal mr sheep

how it looked like

signing off..
funkshop55 loves all of you :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

*Rock Chick Buckle it up*

Source: Whowhatwear

Unleash the inner rock chick with you.

Bring on that rolling stones punk tee..

2 different design buckles add the unique-ness to this bayybehh

close up of the front

and the sides, heels so comfy

rock chick by the pond..haha

ready to rock on
showing you what rock and roll is (hehe)

just paint your toes with black nail varnish...and..


Item Name: Rock Chick Buckle it up
Color: Black
Code: F005

36 (Vincci size 5)
Length : 24.5cm/Width:8cm

37 (Vincci size 6)

38 (Vincci size 7)

39 (Vincci size 8)

40 (Vincci size 9)

Price: RM69
* For confirmed restock orders, upfront payment appreciated to secure item.
* If stockist runs out of stock, 100% refund.

Friday, 13 February 2009

* Princess Voila *

Item Name: Princess Voila
Color: Pink or White
Size: FREE size (fits up to a UK Size 10)
Code: T011
Price: RM 25
1. Belt not included
2. Ribbon is a brooch and is detachable
Status: Pink (Sold Out) White (Available)