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Thursday, 11 September 2008

My first glance at this pretty shirt was ' OH my, It looks like a lawyers shirt' and there, we have the name : Lawyer Lawyer

Note from funkshop55: Thank you shopaholicsDen for reviewing this item :)
check out at:

in black from side angel
look at those pretty frills..

black lawyer top from front angle

lawyer lawyer in white

close up of white

puffy sleeves, so princessey too :)

Now with special appearance of my guest model...

This top does look pretty cute yeah?

*credits: thank you model for helping me with this :)

close up it with pretty necklaces for a oh la la effect

looking smart and cute at the same time

Colors: Black or White
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 10)
Code Number:
Black (S004)
Price: RM45 each

Item Name: Grey Button Down Jumpsuit (short pants)
Color: Grey
Size: S (Good fit for a UK Size 6 - 10)
Code: J001
Price: RM 35
Status: SOLD OUT

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Scarfs Scarfs Scarfs

Item Name: Punk Skull Neckies
Color: Black, White and Grey
Code: Black (A001) , White (A002)
Price: RM 15

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ruffles and Duffles..haha..

Just cannot get enough of this top that once again, is best friends with almost any bottoms you have and very pretty when tucked into high waisted pants or skirts

in black
so pretty, someone exclaimed 'i love you' to it

can be worn as a toga
more kisses for it

comes in grey too
*heart* it totally

did someone just say LOVE?
yes I love this top too

Item Name: Ruffles and Duffles Top
Color: Black & Grey
Size: FREE size (fits up to a UK Size 12)
Code: T008 (Black) & T009 (Grey)
Price: RM 29
Status: SOLD OUT

poster babe baybeh...Vintagey oh so cool wrangler minis

Teamed with simple white top
and simply gets it rockingly 'chun'

check out this babys arse yo?

Item: Exclusive Vintage Wrangler Mini
Colors: Denim color of course
Waist: 79 inches
Hips: 90 inches
Length: 28 inches
*measured laid flat
Code Number: B001
Price: RM30
Status: SOLD OUT
Some eye catching neck candies!

Candy colored diamonds (A004)

Smarties Chained Up (A005)

Pink Hearties Chained Up (A006)

Item Name/Code :
Candy Colored Diamonds(A004)
Smarties Chained Up (A005)
Pink Hearties Chained Up (A006)
Was :RM 15
Now: RM5 only (limited pieces, email me to enquire)
Another Beach Dress for your indulgance..

Simple and Nice :)

the beach dress with shoulder ties


the fray fray hemline...cuteness it spells

The colors available

closer view of colors
black,red and pink

Item Name: Simple & Nice Beach dress
Color: Black, Red & Pink
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 14 as its pretty much strectable)
Code: Black (D014) , Red (D015) , Pink (D016)
Price: RM 35
Status: Pink Reserved for Ms Elaine Gun
The T-Shirt Dress Makes a Big Comeback!
According to our new fav mag from the UK, , August edition,
the T-shirt dress makes a huge comback and have provided us with the following tips:

T-shirt Tick List -
1. Slip on some Converse,Gladiators,shades or even a hippy headband to complete the look.
2. Don't let the T-shirt dress get too clingy, its supposed to have some room for body movement!
3. If you're feeling a bit bum shy or leg shy, wear it with jeans even :)

checkered flag (D011)

paint spill (D012)

thunder strikes (D013)

*all of the accesories above for illustration only

Item Name: as above
Color: as above
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 14 as its pretty much strectable)
Code: D011 to D013
Price: RM 28
Status: Checkered flag D011 sold out

Life is like a box of chocolates...
You never know what you will get...
But today, you know what you will get to see..



chocolate madness

comes with a pretty string belt..

layered perfectly

Item Name: Chocolate Godiva Tube dress
Color: Chocolate
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 14 as its pretty much strectable)
Code: D010
Price: RM 56
Status: 1 piece left only

Funk shop 55 notes:
This dress's material is very comfy and do not worry that like some tube dresses, it will slip down easily as the elastine is of good quality.
The belt comes with the dress but you can always dress it with those 70s wide belts.

Then you will definately need the beach dress below to wear while you are strolling down that beach with your loved one or your friends.

This beach dress is perfect for the beach as its flowy-ness will be delighted to meet the beach breeze...:)

close view

front view

back view

and of course, this dress will take you from the beaches to the stroll at the markets in Phuket or even Bali...
not forgetting, its prefectly pretty for the malls too!
Item Name: Beach Crochet Dress in pink (comes with inner white dress too!)
Color: pink only
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 12 as it has generous space)
Code: D009
Price: RM 65
Status: SOLD OUT
Dresses Galore!!

Come one Come all...check out this Candy Coloured dress with shoulder tie-ons...

Candy Coloured Tri blue,yellow & pink Dress ( D007)

The above colors a bit too strong for your liking?

Don't Worry, here's another version for your consideration..

Posh Colored black,grey & dark purple (D008)
* a bit less loud but same level of cuteness also :)

Item Name: Candy/posh colored dress
Color: 2 options
- Option 1: blue,yellow & pink
- Option 2: black, grey & dark purple
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 12 as its stretchable)
Code: D007 & D008
Price: RM 35
You know all of a sudden there was this hype of maxi dresses?

And of course all of those fashionistas rushed to the shops, flea markets, online blops in search for the perfect maxi dresses.

But sometimes, when you find the right material, the design is not what you want and vice versa.

I sourced this overseas and grabbing one for myself, I have decided to grab one for sale here too!

tie-ons can be tied as a tube top

which goes something like this

and close up of tie ups a halter :)

Anne Hathaway the TWIN version of the D006 I am selling! ohhhh

I think personally the maxi dress can be worn 'up' or 'down' as in we can dress it up or down.

funkshop55 tips:
Accesories and shoes are the key elements here, like if we want to go out wearing the maxi on a weekend, wear it with sandles and keep accesories to a minimal.
Hear some wedding bells? Can always wear some gold chunky accesories and high diamante slip ons for a night out celebrating your besties wedding!

here's more tips extracted from

This being said, I love a good maxi dress; they are ethereal, bohemian and not to mention, comfy. Not only that, but they are the perfect cover up for trendanista mom’s-to-be.
If you are brave enough to try this trend, here are a few tips on how to wear a maxi dress:

1) Get a good cut: if you have an ample top, make sure the girls aren’t spilling out everywhere, and that’s just for starters. Make sure your waist is still defined, whether with an empire style or with a belt, and make sure that your not going to trip over a too-long hemline.

2) Prints: beware of busy prints that induce headaches or blurry vision, because that’s a lot of fabric to deal with. If you are particularly unsure or self-conscious, go with a solid print maxi dress to start.

3) Accessorize: another reason to go with a solid colored maxi dress is that it is going to be the easiest to accessorize with. Long necklaces, scarves, and look-at-me handbags go great with a maxi dress. Still not sure what to wear those trendy gladiator sandals with? Try them with a maxi dress to double up on trends.

Item Name: Maxi Dressey
Color: Brown only
Size: Free size (can fit up to a UK Size 14 as its stretchable)
Code: D006
Price: RM 75
Status: SOLD OUT
One of my favourite selections...

This cutie top comes in 3 colors, PINK & BLACK & WHITE...

Its halter enhances the shoulder blades and just love how its extra length adds it touch of sexyness and sleekness...

pink (T005)

another pic

close up details

black..quite sleek...

white...purity :)

Item Name: cutie-pie VIVI top
Color: Pink,Black & White
Size: FREE size (fits up to a UK Size 12)
Code: T005 - T007 - depends on choice of color (as above)
Price: RM 25

P.s: this top can be worn with jeans or skirts..very very adorable...