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Hello ladies! It's been awhile since we last restock and here we go we have new stock on hand.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Funkshop55 at Pick & Grab 2 :)

Hello my dearest funky shoppers,

Here's some pics of us at Pick & Grab 2, for those who missed it !

Most of our items got sold so we are pending re-stock this coming weekend, hehe.

our collection on showcase
loving the first dressey...

funkshop55's first batch of bags

Racheal (left & right)
we are both called racheals haha...yes exact same spelling..
Racheal K on the LEFT is funkshop55 owner
Racheal T on the RIGHT is funkshop55 lover/loyal customer/ambassador/model

my neighbour next door, we made goodie friends

this girl is cynthia and she is also a blogger and online blog shop owner
she is pretty ya?
she bought one of the funky chained bag

my neighbour aimi :) sweetest girl

So hold your horses, ermmm i mean Hold your COWS folks (year of the cow mah),
Great new stock will be coming your way :)

Meanwhile browse through my old stock and see whether there is anything you like as it will be all 20% off.


Racheal Tan said...

Weee!!! Racheal vs Racheal!
But but since when I became your ambassador liao? Hmm, but for Racheal K, no problem! I will charge into our friendship account ledger :p

Racheal T

kame_lovelove said...

hi racheal, shaf here. i wanna ask, did u sell any korean/jap. fashion? our company are planning for an event, if you are ok with that, can u give me ur details? so that i can put it on my proposal