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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Unleash the 'animal' in you bay behhhh..where Marty invites you to join his clan :P

Super funky pants in zebra print

(made super fashionable by fashion blogger: vanilla scented)
*pics credit to her too :)

back view close up

black and white 'Marty coloured' pants

featured on jap model too


grey and black - more punkier feel
straight down skinny cut
can wear as 'leggings' style too


two colors
- black & white
- grey & black

close view
Item Name: Animal Instinct
Black & White (ready stock available in M)
Grey & Black (ready stock available in L)
M - Waist size 28 inches
L - Waist size 30 inches
Code: B004
Price: RM 48

2 comments: said...

Ah those jeans are so killer!!

I want a pair myself :D


Funky Shopper said...

Maria: Babes get one !! :P hehe
Thanks for allowing me to use your pics darling..*xoxo*