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Saturday, 20 December 2008

I seem to have developed a leggings fetish way back during my Uni days in Melbourne...

Seems like now, I am even more addicted to these babies as they are made in more gorgeous colors and most magnificiant quality

Thick cotton super great (really good) material leggings that is utmost rare and comes in the most easy to match colors and design

1. Preppy Checkered ones (which I will never get enough of)

2. Dark Grey ones

These beauties comes in 3 main colors:
Black, Checkered & Grey
step foot optional

Item Name: Thick cotton leggings
Color: Black / Checkered / Grey
Size: FREE size
Code: L004
Measurements: 35.6 inches(length)
RM27 (plain color - Black/Grey)
RM29 (checkered)
Checkered - available
Plain color - SOLD OUT

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I love your checkered leggings.. it s all I wish for christmas :)

your stuff are really cool