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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Whats new, Whats hip whats trendy?

Here it is :)

celebrity styles:

The next BIG THING: Plaids

Cool checkered/plaids leggings making its grand appearance on funkshop55

debuting the plaids baybeh

looks good worn with a simple ensemble or under a plain black dress for the rock chick look

the 5 colors of grandness

close up

Presenting the 5 colors available :))

black & white plaids

blue and black plaids

mini black and white houndstooth

green and black plaids

grey and black plaids

And yes, if by this point of time, you having hard time deciding on the colors, I do sympathise as I love each and every one of them!

Item Name: Plaids rock chick Leggings
Color: Five colors (as above)
Size:FREE size (good fit for up to a size 10)
Code: L003
Price: RM 27
Black & White - Available

Sold Out colors
Blue & Black - Sold Out
Mini black and white houndstooth - Sold out
Green & Black - Sold out
Grey & Black - Sold out
Note: Restockable pending availability

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