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Hello ladies! It's been awhile since we last restock and here we go we have new stock on hand.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Does anyone here have a problem of a 'jungle-handbag syndrome' where its impossible to find anything in there?

And yes, by the time you find your lip gloss in that 'jungle' for re-touching, the 'takuya - kimura' look alike cutie has already walked a 100 miles away *sigh*

I resolve my problems by getting these funky pouches to store my stuff and better still get 2 so you can coordinate the stuff in your bag!

1 for makeup, 1 for keys, 1 for vitamin pills, 1 for loose change and the list goes on...

*click on all images for a larger view

Item Name: Lil Cutie Bags

Available: A & E only
Sold Out: B & C & D

Available: G - H - I
Sold Out: F

Available: L only
Sold Out: J & M & N & K

Available: P & R
Sold Out: O & Q

If you like to 'BAG' one of these lovelies, they are for sale at RM 8 each and buy 2 for RM15
* postage not included

When ordering, please state the (ALPHABETH) of the design that you would like to purchase.

Grab them now darlings...!

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