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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Well...Okay...this top may not seem to be 'your-kinda-top' at a first glance, but hey, look again and give these fellas a chance...

They are roomy which means very very comfy, made of cotton which is just good for our hot hot weather, hides unsighty bulges and also 'byebye' wings and whats more, is they go with anything and everything... with shorts, jeans , denim name it..

If they seem rather 'cartoony' for your liking, team your outfit with black stilettos and aviators, and voila..there you have..instant rock chick (a comfy rock chick) too :)

Would love these to wear on a sunday day out to the malls !

Black whats-my-name! punk rock top (T001)

Yellow oh yeah punk rock top (T002)

Item Name: Punk Rock Top
Color: Yellow & Black
Size: FREE size and yes by saying free size, it has enough room to fit most :)
Code: T001 (Black) T002 (Yellow)
Price: RM23
Status: Only black available

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