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Friday, 5 September 2008

Don't you hate those early morning rumblings looking for a top to match a skirt and then to find that the colors and design don't go, then you start all over again, deciding to wear a skirt with a blouse, only to find that specific blouse is in the laundry basket?

I have those days everyday actually :( but with these lil babies here, my worries are all down the drain :) :) :) (triple smiles)

These stripey and leopardy dresses are 2 in 1 as in they are stuck together so it looks like you have a blouse and a skirt together, isn't that just so smart?


stripey 2 in 1 dress (D003)

leopardy 2 in 1 dress (D004)

close up of the tulip like skirt which 'ehances' your body shape :) so sexyyyy i tell you..

another pic to show you its gorgeousness before we go to the details

Item Name: as above with codes
Color: stripes or leopard print only
Size: can easily fit a size S or M
Code: as above
Price: RM45
Status: STRIPES sold, LEOPARD available

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